Welcome to Thebikelobby.com!

My name is Matthew Nichols and my entrepreneurial story began with my love and passion for cycling.

As a cyclist for many years, I have been deeply drawn to the freedom and adventure of biking.

When I was first introduced to bikes, I was captivated by their agility, stability, and adaptability.

I found that only really high-quality bikes could provide riders with the freedom and adventure needed on rough mountain roads and bumpy mountain paths.

I wanted to make the joy of riding and nature accessible to as many people as possible, so I decided to start Thebikelobby.com to make that fun and freedom available to as many people as possible.

I believe that riding is not only a way to exercise but also a way to get closer to nature and enjoy life.

Through Thebikelobby.com, I hope to provide customers with high-quality bikes with excellent cost performance so that more people can enjoy the fun of riding.

I strongly believe that riding can bring unlimited fun, challenge, and self-transcendence.

Through Thebikelobby.com, we hope to provide our customers with a convenient, fast, and safe shopping experience, as well as help them solve any problems and confusion when buying and using bikes.

Thank you for your support and attention, if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me through the following ways, I look forward to providing you with the best products and services!

Matthew Nichols

[email protected]


Monday-Saturday/8:00AM-4:00PM (EST)