How do I choose the right bike for me?

Choosing a bike that suits you requires consideration of your height, body type, riding experience and budget.

Generally speaking, for newbies, choosing a moderately priced and well-equipped entry-level bike is a more appropriate choice.

How do I maintain my bike?

Caring for your bike requires regular cleaning, lubrication and inspection.

Especially after intense riding or encountering rainy days, you should pay more attention to cleaning and inspection.

Also, wearable parts such as tires, brake pads and chains need to be replaced regularly.

What safety matters should I pay attention to in bicycle riding?

In bicycle riding, first of all, you should wear a safety helmet and adjust your riding posture.

Secondly, you should be familiar with the road conditions and riding route, and stay alert at all times.

On steep downhill roads, you should master good braking skills to avoid danger.

How can I improve my bicycle riding skills?

Improving your bicycle riding skills requires regular practice, especially on a variety of different road conditions.

It is recommended to join some cycling clubs or organized cycling activities, you can take this opportunity to meet more cycling enthusiasts and learn more cycling skills through communication.

What are some classic cycling routes I recommend?

There are many classic biking routes in the US, such as the Montana Highway.

When choosing a route, you need to choose it according to your riding level and time, and prepare well before the ride.